An Unseasonable

Fall of Snow

Written by Gary Henderson

Directed by Bridget McNamara

18-28 September

If you like detective novels or TV shows like Shetland or Criminal Minds then you’ll enjoy this psychological drama. Written by New Zealand playwright Gary Henderson (Skintight) has been performed in many theatres around New Zealand and the world. This intense drama centres around a bewildered young man questioned by a ruthless interrogator. What is the crime and who is guilty? Precisely what the mystery is forms the initial overriding puzzle. The twists and turns keep audiences guessing as the pieces of the jigsaw are intriguingly put together, so much so you may want to see this twice!  Raw and real, a compelling story of truth, consequences and the ultimate value of human life. 


Originally commissioned by the NZ International Festival of the Arts. Contains sensitive themes and mature language.



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