Bernard has it all. A good job, financial security, an apartment in Paris and three girlfriends....wait what? Yeah, you read that right; he has three girlfriends. How can this be you ask? Well Bernard is a cunning fellow because all his paramours are air hostesses, all working for different airlines in different time zones working different rosters.

Brilliant! What could possibly go wrong! Well.... What about a change in timetables, newer faster aeroplanes, or bad weather?

Any one of these could conspire to wreck the delicate balance in Bernard's life and that's even before his old friend Robert arrives on the scene.

Originally this was a French play.... well it would be wouldn't it.

Want to know what happens? 

Dear Repertory member,

It is with a heavy heart that I announce the postponement/suspension of 'Boeing Boeing' due to uncertainty surrounding the covid 19 pandemic.

This decision was made by a quorum of the committee after a lengthy discussion with the cast and crew of the production. To throw some light on this process for you I can say that some of the cast were very concerned about the possibility of disease spread, citing existing pre-conditions among family members, one pregnancy and general unease surrounding what is, I'm sure you'll agree, an unprecedented situation.

In the end, the prospect of close quarter acting in a very physical play while being unsure as to the health status of your colleague would only serve to sap confidence in the performance and possibly lead to a loss of focus that would eventually undermine the character and offer a disservice to our valued audience. The other problem is that as with all contagion it's not the virus itself but the fear of it that serves to undermine our daily lives and question everything we take for granted. Who knows, covid 19 might be over in a couple of weeks or it could last into next spring and whilst we have had good pre-sales it is the above-mentioned fear that could scupper our prospective audience anyway.

This news will not be welcome but it was considered that we had no choice other than to postpone. If you have bought a ticket then a full refund is available from the ASB Theatre or Ticketek.

When things improve we hope to re-launch 'Boeing Boeing'. Until then keep well, safe and above all else please look out for your neighbours, friends and family.


Kia Kaha


Yours Sincerely
Peter Morice

Bernard     Pete James

Robert      Jared Wadsworth

Bertha       Kate Parker

Gretchen   Kia King

Gloria        Nicole Furness

Gabriella    PJ Muir

Director                      Rose Platenkamp

Production Manager  Peter Morice

Stage manager          Abby James

Stage manager          Ashleigh Hutchinson

Costumes                  Phillipa Drummond

Props                         Aidan Morrow

Poster/ Photography  Jim Tannock

Light/sound design    Paul Sainsbury

Light/sound design    Caleb Griffiths

Front of house           Daphne Radmall

Set                             Mouse/ Nigel

Set                             Peter Morice & Gavin Stead

Publicity                     Bridget McNamara

 © Marlborough Repertory Society Limited 2019

Proudly created by Lisa Gauden-Ing

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