a non stop comedy by Marc Camoletti


Bernard has the perfect setup: three beautiful fiancees, all flight attendants. And because of their schedules, they're never in town at the same time. Until.... a new, improved Boeing jet throws Bernard's perfect timetable into chaos. Antic ensure as he scrambles to keep the ladies from learning about each other. 


Bernard - and architect and lothario

Berthe - Bernard's housekeeper

Robert- Bernard's old school friend

Gariella - the French fiancee and air hostess

Gloria - the American fiancee and air hostess

Gretchen - the German fiancee and air hostess

Director: Rose Platenkamp  

Where: Boathouse Theatre

When: 7:30pm, 3 December 2019

Call back: 7:30pm, 5 December 2019

Performance Dates: 25 March - 4 April 2020

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