Upper South TheatreFest 


17 August 2019 Boathouse Theatre Blenheim

Best Overall Production:

Me and My Friend– directed by Philip Nordt and Toby Lee  St Andrew’s College

Best Overall Adult Production:

The Private War of Corporal Cooper – directed by Sam Lewis   Marlborough Repertory

Best Overall Youth Production:

Me and My Friend – directed by Philip Nordt and Toby Lee  St Andrew’s College

Best Overall Technical Production:

White Lies - directed by Tracey McEwing  Granity Players

Excellence in Acting Awards

James Churchward – Corporal Cooper from The Private War of Corporal Cooper  Marlborough Repertory

Philip Nordt – Bunny from Me and My Friend  St Andrew’s College

Toby Lee – Oz from Me and My Friend St Andrew’s College

After the lower South Island Regional TheatreFest has taken place in Timaru, 24/25 August, Rob Orsmby, the adjudicator, will select the top performances from the two South Island Regionals to go forward to the National Final in Wellington 14/15 September.


Congratulations to Sam Lewis – first time director for Marlborough Repertory – for his compelling and moving direction of The Private War of Corporal Cooper. Corporal Cooper was well received by audiences and moved many people. Thank you, Sam, for staging this gentle play with its themes of fate, faith and the connections that binds us in spite of distance and difference. We also thank our talented actors Alison Dight and James Churchward for being part of Sam’s journey to bring this play to the Boathouse Theatre. We hope you are selected to go to the National Final!

Marlborough Repertory 

The Private War 


Corporal Cooper


by John Broughton

Director: Sam Lewis

Sister Mary Bartholomew:        Alison Dight

Corporal Cooper:                      James Churchward

The Private War of Corporal Cooper is a gentle exploration of the themes of fate, faith and the connections that bind us in spite of distance and difference. The fictitious Sister Mary Bartholomew is a nun in the Domican Order of St Joseph in Dunedin. She knits socks for the New Zealand soldiers stationed in France during the Great War. One day she puts her name and address into a pair of socks. When Corporal Cooper receives this note he writes to her and hence a connection and relationship forms.

St Andrew’s College

Me and My Friend


by Gillian Plowman

Director:                                 Philip Nordt

Bunny                                    Philip Nordt

Oz                                          Toby Lee

Lighting/sound technician      Gus Derry

Bunny and Oz, recently released from a psychiatric hospital discuss job seeking, farting, the ozone layer and what it is to be Bunny and Oz. A funny, poignant and tender expression of friendship and what it is to be human, even the frailest among or within us.

Granity Players

White Lies


by Tracey McEwing


Director: Tracey McEwing

Featuring original music by Lynn Stoddart


Jack:                                    Kristijan Ivos

Mr:                                       Lynn Stoddart

Daisy:                                  Tracey Pemberton

Fiona:                                  Eliza Allington


Crew:                                  T. Race


Jack has had a hard run of it lately and has escaped from the city to indulge in a spot of leisurely whitebaiting. He meets nice local lass at the pub – what was her name? Jack has no way of knowing that he’s being led up the river without a paddle or even his gumboots. Killer Eels are one thing! Wait ‘till you meet the locals. White Lies is a surreal comedy remarking on the eccentricities of the last bastion of old school New Zealand culture, which appears to remain alive and well on the Mokihinui River

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