Mousetrap sprung!

With Omicron looming we are not able to go ahead with our planned production of the Mousetrap at the Boathouse Theatre.  We would have liked to have presented it later, however the rights are no longer available as an Australasian tour is planned for later in the year.  Therefore the rights have been withdrawn.

However we will find ‘something’ exciting in the future to make up for it.

So enjoy this link as a taster of what might have been.  Push through the ads to hear Toni Harper singing Three Blind Mice.


3rd to 13th of November

Relatively Speaking

And we are back on sale!  Relatively Speaking is back in rehearsal and will open on 3rd November.  
We have been working hard to come up with a way to stage this show whilst ensuring all the current Covid-19 Alert Level
rules are adhered to, with maximum accessibility and the least amount of disruption to all ticket purchasers. 
So, to make this work there are a few things you need to be aware of ahead of purchasing your tickets:


1. Seats are available in physically distanced groups of 2 only. The Group price for 10+ tickets is available, but you will need to select your seats in groups of 

2. We realize you may have a preference to all sit together, but unfortunately the rules within which we must operate preclude that as an option.

3. All individual patrons will be required to sign in using the QR Code or manual sign in forms.

4. Face coverings are to worn at all times other than when consuming food or beverage.

5. All patrons to remain in their allocated seats at all times, other than making a trip to the bathroom.

6. Refreshments can be ordered and paid for prior to the show and will be served to your seat during interval.

Your understanding and acceptance of our current operational procedures is very much appreciated.
We are all delighted that this show is going to come to fruition. 

About the show:

Greg only met Ginny a month ago, but he knows they’re meant for each other. When she announces that she’s going to visit her parents, Greg decides this is the moment to ask her father for his daughter’s hand. Discovering a scribbled address, he follows her to Buckinghamshire where he finds Philip and Sheila enjoying a peaceful Sunday morning breakfast in the garden, but the only thing is – they’re not Ginny’s parents.

The play that made Alan Ayckbourn’s name is an enduringly funny comedy of mistaken identities and excruciating misunderstandings.

Tickets are available at the ASB Theatre Marlborough Box Office or you can click on this link to book online:


The cast is as follows.

Greg – Aidan Morrow

Aidan is one of our up-and-coming actors having started his Boathouse career in Anne Boleyn, followed by nell Gwynne. Greg is his first leading role.

Ginny – Abby James

Abby has been involved in Boathouse productions since her turn as DPB Bridget McNamara’s production of ‘Pack of Girls’, and her memorable role as Nancy in Nell Gwynne.

Shelia – P J Muir
This is  P. J’s second major production after her debut as Gabriella, the Italian air hostess in Rose Platenkamps’s production of Boeing Boeing. P. J. is a rising talent in the local theatre scene and we are looking forward to seeing her take on the challenge of playing Shelia.

Philip – Gordon Ritchie

To Marlborough theatre goers Gordon needs no introduction. From Blenheim Musical Theatre to the Boathouse he has sung, danced and acted his way through many staring roles and is truly one of Marlborough’s finest stage talents.

Director – Emily Gee

Emily has been involved with the Boathouse Theatre for many years, cutting her teeth on one act plays before studying theatre at university. This is Emily’s third major production n at the Boathouse following her production of the hilarious ‘Motor Camp’ and then the local classic – Middle Aged Spread in 2017.